Pasadena Electric Range Oven Combo Rebate

Receive a $200 rebate when you purchase a new electric range or range/oven combo. Receive an additional $20 back if you purchase your electric range or range/oven combo in Pasadena.

If you are in the market for a new stove top, consider an electric range due to its lower price and installation costs. Electricity heats more efficiently than natural gas, meaning your kitchen will stay cooler when the range is on. Electric ranges also offer more consistency in temperature and heat distribution, which is better for baking or roasting most types of food. Cleaning an electric range is also incredibly simple, since there’s only one uniform surface to wipe down.

More importantly, all-electric appliances like the electric range produces less carbon emissions than its natural gas counterparts since it doesn’t require the combustion of fossil fuels during operation, thereby improving indoor air quality and the health of our environment.

Electric Range and Combo Units

How To Qualify

  • Purchase your new electric range or range/oven combo in Pasadena for an additional $20 rebate
  • Submit your online application, along with a copy of your detailed receipt/invoice and the required supporting documents, within 180 days of purchase and installation.
  • The existing range and range/oven combo must be natural gas to qualify (see Terms)

How to Apply

  • Log in to your PWP account
  • Select “Apply for Rebate”
  • Please upload your complete sales receipt or paid invoice, including:
    • Product and model number
    • Date purchased and installed
    • Appliance Specification Sheet (includes Range Size)
    • A copy of the Electrical Inspection Sign off that is provided by the Pasadena Building Inspector after the equipment has been installed and inspected
  • Terms
    • Only residential PWP electric customers are eligible
    • Limit one per customer, every 10 years
    • Unit size must be 2.1 cubic feet or above
    • Existing natural gas appliance must be replaced with electric counterpart to qualify
    • Do you qualify for Bill Payment Assistance? If so, you can receive an additional $200 per unit. Click here for details.


This program is subject to verification of the purchase and installation of the product(s) before and/or after the rebate has been paid. Completed applications must be received within 180 days of purchase to qualify. PWP reserves the right to modify the terms of this program at any time. Rebate amounts will be calculated according to the program incentives posted on this website on the date of product purchase. Program funds are limited and available to PWP customers only.

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